Probably the most elegant bag for the new 11-inch MacBook Air – Fabrix Cases’ The Satchel

I have been waiting to post this review for almost one whole year, and now is exactly the best time to release it – the 11-inch MacBook Air officially becomes Apple’s cheapest notebook, and with the Airs being the future of Apple’s notebook lineup, it seems very possibly that the 11-inch will easily become the most popular notebook on Apple’s line soon.

One thing about having a 11-inch notebook is how hard it is to actually find a bag that fits the exact profile of the notebook unless you actually had one custom made. Apple notebooks are probably the only ones with huge support from some of the world’s best notebook bag manufacturers. That said though, the 11-inch MacBook Air is relatively new, being in the market for only less than a year. Many manufacturers have been marketing bags/sleeves that were previously made for netbooks for the 11-inch Air, but few of these bags/sleeves actually perfectly fit the slim profile of the 11-inch Air.

I have been using Fabrix Cases’ The Satchel for almost a year now, since I first got my 11-inch Air last October, and must say that it is easily the best bag for the 11-inch Air and its slim profile.

The Material

The Satchel, as you can probably tell from the photos, is entirely made from Wool Felt and leather. I have to honestly admit that when I first looked at the photos and the material, it seemed to me like “carpet material”, not exactly something that I would entrust my (previously) brand-new, precious 11-inch Macbook Air to keep it safe from scratches or knocks. I was obviously wrong when I first touched the bag, the material was really comfortable in the hand, while providing a lot more grip than other materials like neoprene, cotton or plastic, making it much less likely for the really slim MacBook Air to slip out from your hands while you are holding it.

Over time, the felt actually softens and becomes even more comfortable to hold, while providing the same level of protection and grip.

The leather used also seasons over time to provide a very nice and elegant seasoned look and has held up very well.

The metal buttons used also have a seasoned/aged look to them, completing the whole elegant, aged look.

The Look

The bag looks elegant and nice and with the materials used will fit right in whether you are in a Shenton Way office or on campus at Kent Ridge. (Sounds like marketing speak? LOL. I am really not working for Fabrixcases.)

There is also a strap with metal ring-hooks that have the same aged look as the metal buttons provided so you can sling the bag when you only need to bring the Air out.

How I use the bag

Unlike other notebooks like the Pros, the Airs are extremely slim and portable and will fit right in your bag that you bring to work or school. Using the Satchel without the sling strap makes the whole Air + Satchel package as thick as a thin magazine, so throwing your notebook in your everyday carry bag is an extremely possible situation. Unlike other notebooks which you feel safer holding it with your two hands (because your lousy ink bag isn’t going to take the 2.5kg weight of the 15-inch MacBook Pro”), the 11-inch Air + Satchel is the best solution to all your work and computing needs in school (unless of course, you are only planning to MSN or facebook your friends during lectures or tutorials, an iPad will suffice). And just like how you don’t want the girl you just laid to find out that you are wearing 3-for-10-dollars briefs under your expensive Edwin 503 Blue Trip jeans, it will probably help a lot if you aren’t carrying your brand new 11″ MacBook Air in some shitty looking cheena-ish sleeve, even if it’s in your carry bag most of the time.

And the negatives about this bag

Picture taken from WITHOUT permission

….is that it isn’t The Black Satchel!!!! Which happens to be a special collaborative version of the Satchel Fabrix Cases made with Cumulus Store, and it isn’t available in 11-inch!!!!!. What heresy!. Argh.

You can find the Satchel on Fabrix Cases’ site here.


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