Product Review: Targus USB Hub for Mac “(Why I think) Targus believes that Mac users are suckers for anything made from White Plastic”

Let me say this once and for all – USB hubs are generic devices. There are only two different types of USB Hubs, powered and unpowered. And the only difference between them is the inclusion of a power adapter, resulting in a higher price for the powered ones. The Targus USB Hub is obviously a portable type unpowered USB hub, so I’m not going to talk about the more-than-four-ports-and-powered hubs.

Let’s start with the price. On their official site it’s listed as 29.99USD, which translates to about 45SGD.

It looks like this.

It’s slightly bulky, is white. Looks portable. Sort of. Relatively simple design. Angles slightly the 4 ports so that bigger connectors MIGHT fit.

Now for my review.

Targus has on their website this following line;

“Stylish – This USB hub is designed explicitly for Mac users, with form and function to meet your needs and match your lifestyle.”

Really? How does the white plastic and the wraparound cable reflect a Mac user’s lifestyle? I don’t ever remember Mac users being the only people who will like all their accessories to be white, or require a wraparound cable in their USB hub?

What Targus seems to be saying here is this; “Mac users are suckers who will buy anything that’s made from white plastic, even if it’s priced way higher than everything else.” and thus charges a premium for something that does not offer additional value.

I could at least understand if Targus’ other non-Mac specific USB hubs are similarly priced, but no. They have a much smaller and portable USB hub that’s priced around 16SGD(price in Challenger). Better portability, same number of ports. What reason do they have to charge 3 times that amount for their USB Hub for Mac? FUCKING WHITE PLASTIC.

Maybe I can play devil’s advocate for a while. Maybe Targus truly believes that all Mac users should have a unique style, and should only be seen outside working on a MacBook Pro ladled with white accessories. Maybe Targus believes that Mac users will look cool doing that. Maybe Targus thinks that a Starbucks filled with humans wearing black turtlenecks and typing on a MacBook connected to dozens of white plastic accessories will be a superb scene. Maybe Targus thinks that Mac users are lemmings.

What do you think?

Even if they were going for the Apple white look, what many macs have white parts on them in the current Apple lineup? 2. Since last december only the old MacBook and the Mac Mini. And I believe their whole Targus for Mac range came out late last year or early this year. Maybe they should redesign their products to have the aluminum look.

Even then, no pass.

I won’t cough up the cash for one.

Verdict? Buy it if you are a sucker for white plastic accessories.

P.S. I don’t feel the same way about some of the other Targus for Mac accessories though. Will review some of them soon.


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