Ten reasons why Vista is “great”

So Microsoft decided to “stay up and fight” Apple’s “Get a Mac” advertisements by launching a Anti-Apple advertisement of their own. I wonder how that will work out, and what they will be touting as great on Vista.

I am thus offering my own ten reasons why Vista is “great”, maybe they can draw inspiration from my reasons~


Here goes.

1. Vista is great because you can run it on any hardware, except anything that is more than a month old from being the latest technology.

2. Vista is the most secured OS in the world, if you only count the different versions of Windows as the only OSes in the world

3. Vista is great because it’s not compatible with most existing programs! So a lesser chance of being hit by an existing program that is actually a virus.

4. Vista is great because it stimulates the economy – by making everyone who owns a computer buy lots and lots and lots of new hardware just to run Vista, the operating system, on its own.

5. Vista is great because it creates fun – by being the sole inspiration of a shitload of tech jokes about itself.

6. Vista is great because it has new and great features – that are copied from Mac OS X Tiger, as stated, proven, and sworn by Vista’s creator, Jim Alchin.

7. Vista is great because it shows people the value of Windows XP – that XP was way way way faster, stable, and better than Vista.

8. Vista is great because it is truly the consumers’ Windows – because businesses refused to upgrade to Vista.

9. Vista is great because we have the biggest software library in the world – inspiring the worst interfaces, program functions and malware you can ever find in this world.

10. Vista is great because it’s Windows!!! “We have forced you to use Windows your whole life. You have to obey us, Microsoft, your OS Overlord. Without us you have no job. Without us you won’t even have a decent word processing program in your computer. Without us you are nothing! Upgrade to Vista, NOW!!!

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