Why one should never buy a Dell monitor online

The story: I needed a new lcd monitor, decided to get a cheap one, found a good deal on the Dell online store, and made my order. Hours later they called, said that it was an error in pricing, and if I do not cancel my purchase they will process my order with a much higher price, despite the fact that I have an invoice which stated the purchase price of 119SGD. I was forced to cancel my purchase.

Then they sent me an email;

“Dear Ryu,

Thank you for choosing Dell Computer. We have received your order on the internet. As per our tele-conversation just now, with much regret to inform that the price shown earlier was an erroneous and we had cancelled the order as per your request. There’s no additional charges will be charged to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or if you need my assistance (preferably via e-mail). Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

Once again, thank you for choosing DELL! It was a pleasure serving you

Thanks & Regards

Khor Eng Tatt (Ext: 35330)

Small Medium Business – Transactional


Plot P27, Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone,

Phase IV, 11900 Bayan Lepas,

Penang, Malaysia


Singapore : 1 800 394 7486 – option #1 – ext: 35330

Malaysia : 1 800 880 301 – option #1 – ext: 35330

Direct Fax : (Singapore) 02-04-633 7330 / (Malaysia) 04-633 7330

Email : eng_tatt_khor@Dell.com

Homepage : (Singapore) www.dell.com.sg / (Malaysia) www.dell.com.my

“For the protection and security of your Credit Card information, Dell requests that you DO NOT send any Credit Card information through either email or fax. If you need to provide these details please contact me at my extension”

If you feel that I’ve been helpful in the process of ordering your DELL Computer, feel free to acknowledge this by sending an email to my manager: Gay_Cruzada@dell.com”

To which I replied;

“Dear Eng Tatt,

I wish to clarify certain content in your email reply.

I did not request a cancellation. It was more of a case of I was being forced to. You gave me an ultimatum, either cancel the order or get charged more for the purchase DESPITE THE FACT THAT I HAVE AN INVOICE that states 119SGD as the price for the purchase.

While it might be a careless mistake on Dell’s part, am I supposed to bear the responsibilities of Dell’s mistakes? I have invested time and effort in the decision to purchase the monitor, and all I got was having my time wasted.

Any decent company with an online store will know better than try to force their customers to cancel their orders.

It is almost unimaginable that Dell, a company that practically made its millions based on online sales, has no idea how to get customer satisfaction in a situation like this. Any decent company will admit their mistakes and honor the price on the invoice and the purchase itself.

I have never purchased from Dell before. And I don’t think I will ever do that again. The only reason why I wanted to do the purchase in the first place is the simplicity in online sales, and that I have heard Dell monitors are relatively good value for money. Today I learn that Dell achieves that through a policy of ignoring their mistakes and doing anything that will help them save money, even at the expense of customer satisfaction.

In this day and age where customer satisfaction plays a very big part in brand loyalty, Dell has failed completely on all stands. The local twitter community will surely hear of this issue soon.

It is almost impossible to imagine that the Dell in Singapore/Malaysia is the same Dell that is in the States.

I’m sorry, but the Dell experience I have was a very, very bad one.

Yours Sincerely,


UPDATE: They replied to my reply and offered me a 20 dollars discount to shut my mouth up. I rejected the offer.

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