Santa Rosa MacBooks

As if Apple is too ashamed to announce it, but they finally released Santa Rosa MacBooks, easily half a year after everyone else. Sometimes I am really amused by some of the decisions Apple makes. So what’s the big deal about these new MacBooks? X3100 integrated graphics, which is Intel’s sad excuse for a “near-gaming-able […]

Brand new Aluminium (silver and black!!) MacBooks in October!!!

I am very very excited about this piece of news. According to 9to5Mac, the same guys whom, with the help of their chinese spies, revealed to the world the shape of the new iPod Nano and the presence of the iPod Touch way before everyone else, Apple is preparing to ship brand new MacBooks in […]

“MacBook Club President”

Yesterday someone came up to me and asked, “Eh! You are the MacBook Club President right?” Wao. I never knew that MacNUS had an alternative name. Haha crap. However, this little incident also proved how fast the MacBook name caught up with people. Despite so many Mac fans feeling pissed when Steve Jobs announced the […]


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