“MacBook Club President”

Yesterday someone came up to me and asked, “Eh! You are the MacBook Club President right?” Wao. I never knew that MacNUS had an alternative name. Haha crap.

However, this little incident also proved how fast the MacBook name caught up with people. Despite so many Mac fans feeling pissed when Steve Jobs announced the “MacBook Pro” and subsequently “MacBook” names for the new Intel-based Mac laptops, apparently the MacBook names caught on so well with people that they will remember the MacBook name over all previous names.

Seriously speaking though, the MacBook name is definitely easier for non-Mac users to recognise than the old iBook and PowerBook names. It’s a “Mac” “Notebook”, thus “MacBook”. Simple and nice. I personally got used to the MacBook name just one or two months after the MacBook Pro was released, and it’s actually awkward for me to use, or even remember the iBook and PowerBook names these days.

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