Bandbreite is a New App for All Apple Watch Owners and Anyone Fascinated with Apple Watch Bands


Bandbreite is a brand new app for a very passionate niche – Apple Watch band collectors. While you might not need a dedicated app to track your watch bands if you only have like less than a handful of bands, Bandbreite offers both hardcore collectors and Apple Watch newcomers an additional outlet to take their enjoyment of watch bands to a higher level.

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For the hardcore collector, Bandbreite a way to track their collection, as well as take note of the bands they are after but have yet to add to their collection.


Bandbreite also provides a stats page where collectors will be able to see an overview of their collections, including telling them what color of bands they probably prefer, how many bands they purchased in a certain year (assuming that they purchased it at time of launch), as well as an approximate of how much they spent on the bands (assuming that bands are purchased brand new at MSRP).


For the Apple Watch newcomer, Bandbreite is likely the easiest way to explore the huge collection of 423 bands (and counting) that Apple has released so far, but due to the limited time nature of most of the bands, many remained unknown to all but the most fervent of watch band collectors.


For example, do you know that the recent Product RED sport band released with the red Aluminium Series 6 is actually the fourth generation Product RED sport band?


Detailed information is also available for all the watch bands, including launch year and season, MSRP in USD, material, and even down to the model numbers for each size variant.


Green dots are also used to indicate the currently available bands in the Apple Online Store, both newly introduced bands as well as bands that remained on the sales lineup from previous seasons.


Under the New Looks section, some of the most recently introduced watch bands are featured, and it is assumed that this section will be updated regularly in the future whenever new bands are introduced.


Under curated collections, watch bands introduced at events such as the recent Apple Event in September 2020 or in special collections such as the annual Pride bands or even the Apple Employee-only Close Your Rings Challenge watch bands are featured in detail.

Bandbreite is a collaboration between Filip Chudzinski (@choreographics, who started the massive Every Apple Watch band Apple released. Ever. thread in the Macrumors forums), a designer from Berlin, Germany as well as developers Florent Lotthé (@flo5929), Baptiste Dajon (@baptistedajon) and Simon Botte (@simonbotte) from France, and is now available on the App Store for the absolutely wonderful price of free.

I have tested the beta of the app and was impressed, and wondered how much will the app go for, since its reach is likely to be small due to the niche of catering for Apple Watch band collectors, but there is absolutely no reason not to download the app and give it a run if you do not have to pay a single cent for it. Get Bandbreite now!


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