Which iPhone 12 Should You Buy?


Writing this after the 6.1 inches 12 and 12 Pro preorder day is over sounds counterproductive, but despite recent reports of Apple’s own predictions of which iPhone 12 will sell well, for the bulk of people who are likely to be early buyers, the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max are more likely to be the preferred models.

Coming from a Singaporean perspective, the easy answer here is to buy either the 128GB or the 256GB models of the 12 Pro Max, with the rational that since you are already spending upwards of 1.5K for most of the regular sized models, the Max at 1.8/1.9K is not that far off price wise, not to mention that the Max is spec-wise, the best iPhone 12 in the whole line-up with its improved camera sensor.

What about the regular 12 and 12 mini then? The mini’s price points this year is exactly the same as that of last year’s iPhone 11, and simply put, if you are unwilling to spend the kind of money needed to buy a Pro iPhone, the ambiguous prices for the regular 12 ($1369 for 128GB, $1539 for 256GB) and the kind of tradeoffs (no zoom lens, aluminum frame, less ram, no ProRAW) versus the Pro make the regular 12 the phone NOT to buy if you are looking for the best cost-performance ratio.

The mini, however, is quite a bit cheaper than the Pro Max for the same capacities (mini at $1219 for 128GB vs Max at $1799 for 128GB), has the highest PPI screen, and the added benefit of fitting the one hand use of people who refused to add a bunker ring to the back of their phone cases. With the allure of the MagSafe charger and accessories this year (making it hard to add a bunker ring if you want to use them), a small phone is very attractive. If you do not want to spend Pro Max money, and want to use your iPhone with MagSafe, and have no problem with the smaller screen, the mini is your iPhone 12 of choice.

Lastly, the regular Pro is really only for people who absolutely refused to buy the Max, for the price difference is only $150 but you get the better sensor, you get the longer range zoom lens, and you get a bigger display for what you will spend for lunch for three people in a stationary Airbus A380.

All prices in Singapore dollars

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