The Leopard Question

So yeah, we know that Leopard is now due for June. The big question everyone is asking now is exactly, are there secret features in Leopard? Developers and techies alike are both complaining that the 10.5 developers’ seed is both buggy, and have questioned the missing “secret features” that Steve Jobs promised at the WWDC keynote last year. They were puzzled as to why the secret features have yet to be seeded for testing, and many even believed that the secret features were in fact non-existant, being nothing more than Steve Jobs’ marketing ploy.

Well, I for one won’t bet on that, Leopard with the current features are just too empty to require Apple spending more than 2 years developing it. As for secret stuff, there’s definitely something being held back by Apple. Well for one thing, Leopard was (I believed) scheduled for a 1st April release. A few weeks before Apple’s twenty-first birthday, some Apple trainers were apparently notified to be on standby for a 1st April release of Leopard. Then 2 weeks later the rumours about the delay to June was everywhere, and it seemed that Apple did have a last minute delay after all. As to what caused the delay no one seems to have any ideas.

Well for one thing we do know that at one point of time, Leopard was ready. Then

All of a sudden the above does not matter anymore. Apple just announced a delay for Leopard to October due to the need to transfer manpower over to the iPhone side until it’s released in June in America.


Thanks ah iPhone. Now I don’t have my new Mac, I don’t have my new iWork, I don’t have my new Leopard, and I don’t have my new iPhone, thanks to Mr. Jobs’ “Asia 2008”. ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


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