Is the iPhone 12 mini too small? Or too big? Coming from the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and the iPhone SE (2016)


Ignore the cling wrap please LOL

Having seen the iPhone 12/Pro in person, I am pretty convinced that without a case, the size of the 12/Pro is probably just nice for many people. Which bring the questions;

  1. Will the 12 mini be too small?
  2. Is this the real successor to the iPhone 5s size phones that 5s and SE (2016) users have been wanting since 2018?

Too Small?

What constitutes ‘too small’? Is the iPhone 5s too small? Is the iPhone 4 the right size? Everyone’s idea of the perfect size for phones has been changing through the last decade, no thanks to the ever growing sizes of phone displays, as phone manufacturers find ways to justify increasing their product prices.

One way to determine if it is too small is obviously through the physical dimensions of the phone. Take note that a “5.4 inch display” really does little to inform you of how the iPhone 12 mini will feel in your hand. It is, after all, physically even smaller than the iPhone 8 which had a 4.7 inch display.

Apple’s site states the following dimensions for the iPhone 12 mini – height 131.5mm, width 64.2mm and depth 7.4mm, with a weight of 133 grams.

The iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone SE (2016)’s dimensions are – height 123.8mm, width 58.6mm and depth 7.6mm, with a weight of 112/113 grams.

Looking at the numbers we can see that the iPhone 12 mini is a little taller, a little wider, and actually a little THINNER than the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone SE (2016).

True Successor to the iPhone 5s?


Here is a photo of the iPhone 12 mini case in my asian size male hand.


Comparing it with the iPhone 5s in a case, the additional height and width is barely noticable. If you are coming from an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPhone SE (2016), you are barely going to notice a difference in the feel of the iPhone 12 mini (in a case) in your hand. Unless of course, if even the iPhone 5s is too big for you, you probably need a feature phone (if you can still find one).


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