iPad 2 to have a pixel-doubled screen resolution upgrade after all?

If this is to be believed, the next iPad must have seriously powerful graphics hardware, stuff that can power resolutions almost as high as that of Apple’s 27 inch Cinema Display. Stuff that will Kill all the current iPad Killer-wannabes like the next generation Galaxy Tab and the Motorola Xoom even before they come to […]

A little bird chirps…

… “majority of our production lines for ipad and iphone components have been retooled for MacBook Air component production“. Seems like Apple is expecting a big hit with the new Air.

New iMacs to have USB 3.0 and Firewire 3200?

Hardmac.com : Le “Macbidouille” in English – [Rumour] Some little tidbits on the MacPro and the iMac Hardmac reports that we will see the next iMac and Mac Pro at the “end of summer”, which is around the August/September timeframe. We should also see USB 3.0 and Firewire 1600/3200 ports in the new iMacs and […]

iPhone 4 launching on 28th July in Singapore?

So so so so so so so…… According to some rumor sites, the second round of international iPhone 4 launches, which the Singapore launch will be part of,, will be on the 28th July 2010. And we are hearing that preorders might start on the 21st. iPad rumors – preorders on the 14th, sales around […]

Apple Tablet March Launch with only 500k pieces to be produced per month

As above. Latest tipoff. Expect shortages. Update: Dates have been pushed back over and over again. Now you wonder when will Singapore finally get our iPads without resorting to the black market.

Apple tablet/device (iSlate?) will reach consumers’ hands in late Feb

According to a source with one of the key suppliers of components for the Apple tablet/device, there will be enough units produced by late Feb that Apple might start fulfilling the earliest orders by late Feb. However, most consumers should only expect to get their hands on one earliest in March. This falls in line […]

Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz tries to cover Steve Jobs’ health screwup through misleading article

Gizmodo and Jesus Diaz is getting out of hand. Instead of posting some kind of apology for screwing up the Apple stock prices after the release of Steve’s and Apple’s statement earlier today, they went again and posted a disgusting article about how they were right after all. Are they? In this original article, they […]

Fake 4th gen iPod Nano “leaked image”

How fake? Totally fake. Whoever took this picture just used one of those fake Chinese-made “MP4” Nano-lookalikes available for cheap in Sim Lim Square and stuffed it in a 2nd Gen Nano case. Big deal. Too fake. Edit: For the moron who called me an idiot while saying that the above photograph is real, take […]

Rumors, more rumors

Did I say I was lazy? I am. Just to “do my job” and provide a list of Apple rumors out there right now. 1. Apple Special Event on Sep 9th. 2. Revamped iPod line, huge price drops for all iPods, significant design changes for iPod Nano (as usual). 3. MacBook, MacBook Pro redesigns. All […]

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